The shamrock constitutes an age-old spiritual symbol, very widespread in a lot of peoples of the world. The three leafs symbol - represent - inter alia - the balance between the body, the soul and the spirit, good fortune and fertility. Panathinaikos adopted the green shamrock as his mark in 1918, a few years after the establishment of green colour on the jersey. From then on, the shamrock became synonymous with the history of the team and was worshipped by millions of sports fans in the entire world. Up to the end of the 70’s, the shamrock (green or white) was sewed on the jersey and was big in size. With the beginning of professionalism, the emblem of the FC was created and the shamrock "was surrounded" by a circle, accompanied by the club initials (ΠΑΟ) and the year of founding (1908). In the summer of 2007, Panathinaikos F.C. mounted an open design competition of the celebrative emblem of the team. The logo that was nominated belonged to team fan Nikos Karokis and it "accompanied" all the events of the team from January 2008 until the summer of 2009.