The emblem of PAS Lamia in the colors of the team, blue and white, carries the bust of the hero of the Revolution of 1821, Athanasios Diakos. This shows the top of the statue that adorns the homonymous square (Diakos) and depicts the rumble leader a few moments before his capture by the Ottomans in the battle of Alamanas, with the broken shroud still in his hand. Athanasios Grammatikos (as was his real name) was inaugurated at the Filiki Etairia in 1818, while at the beginning of the revolution he took over Androutsos' first fighter. After the liberation of Livadia, the April of 1821 took over the course of Omer Vryonis, who with 10,000 regular army and horsemen was sent by the sultan to suppress the revolution initially in Roumeli and then in Tripolitsa. With 500 men took the resistance at the Spercheios River Bridge in the Alamana area, 3 kilometers west of Thermopylae. In the famous battle on April 22, Diakos fell alive in the hands of the Ottomans, who killed him in the city of Lamia after two days. He was one of the first chieftains to lose his life, just two months after the start of the revolution, on April 24, 1821. The heroic resistance, the denial of the sultan's offerings, and finally his martyrdom with the terrible torture of the outbreak, a source of inspiration and led hundreds of Roumelians to take their arms and stand in the revolution.