History of Olympic Games from 540 b.c until 516 b.c was dominated by two athletes. By Milonas the Crotonian, in wrestling who was 6 times ancient Olympic champion (5 times as a man and 1 as a junior), and by Tissandros from Naxos - Sikelia who was 4 times Olympic champion in boxing. Their victories made them both famous around the ancient known world and there were many legends around their names. Milonas's legend become bigger at last and until our days many clubs are nammed Milonas. Milonas is the best Olympic champion ever. No one ancient or modern athlete could repeat his achievement. Win in six Olympiads in row. At the same time on the high hills of Aitolian Mountains and next to the sources of river Evinos was living a remarkable giant. At that time the communication between the Greek ancient cities was difficult and the area this giant called Titormos was living was very dangerous because of thieves and criminals. But Titormos was not afraid of them and they kept distance from him. Titormos the Aitolian was a Shepard of bulls and cows and lived at the Panetolikos mountain with his animals .He was born and lived there at the high hills of Panetolikos mountain and never went to a populated and civilized areas because he didn't like social life and he was happy living among the wild beasts and his animals. Despite this he was gentle and shy like a small child. Milonas from Crotona many times heard about Titormos the Aitolian and his enormous strength. Many told him that if Titormos had participation in Olympic Games he should be the Olympic champion, so Milonas took a boat ,went across from Peloponnesus to the coast of Aitolia in order to find Titormos. When he found him Titormos who had listen about the famous Olympic champion Milonas welcomed him with great joy. Milon told to Titormos that he came to see his enormous strength but Titormos responded him with humidity that a savage man like him could not compare with a man of glory like Milonas and denied his proposal. Then Milon asked him many times and at last Titormos took off his clothes and grapped with his hands a very big rock, he shacked it many times and holding it tightly brought it to his knees .After with a new effort carried it more than 50 meters away and throws it down. Milon the Crotonian wanted to do the same but with great effort he just moved the rock only few Inches from the ground. Then Titormos and Milon went among the bulls and cows .Titormos one wild bull from its leg and kept him still although the bull tried to escape and with his other hand grapped another bull kepting him still also. Milonas the Crotonian seeing all these miracles of power said: "O Zeus!!! You sanded to us another Hercules?" Since then the expression: "like another Hercules", was told when the ancient Greeks spoke about the achievements and power of the athletes. Milonas the Crotonian the biggest Olympic champion of ancient times recognize Titormos great physical power submitted to his superiority, but he saw him his own value in eating much food. Titormos (the Aitolian Shepard) cooked on fire a bull, and Milonas sat down and ate the entire bull alone!!! (These notes are mensionned in the book "Athletics and famous athletes of the ancient world" written by mr Vagenas).