The whole philosophy of the club and the essence of the sports thinking of its founders are impressed to the emblem of Xanthi, with the figure of the Thracian philosopher Democritus the Avdirean (460-370 B.C.). The “border guards”, obviously infected by the “universal” mind of the philosopher, made action his theory that “ the ultimate motivation of the human’s achievements, is need. Need led him to be related to other human beings, in order to become social and with the creation of speech, to contribute enormously, to the development of Art and Civilization”. Democritus was born and lived in Avdira of Thrace from 460 – 370 B.C. and he is considered as the father of modern atomic theory. His life was full of journeys in his quest of knowledge. Democritus, further than his countless theories, was also the founder of the moral comprehension of life. He believed that the purpose of man is happiness, not through material goods, but through knowledge of good, through internal harmony and peace. This need for communication and action was the standard of the sports education for the people of Xanthi. The emblem is kept until 1991 when the ownership of the club goes to the company VIAMAR S.A. The new owner, showing great respect to the history of the team and honoring all those who stood by the team all these years, kept the elements of the old emblem.