A.O.K. F.C.


«The Ship without rudder» (Apidalos Nafs)… The naval mastery symbol of the (proficient in seamanship and relatives of the gods) ancient Phaeacians, from the times of Homer. People with great culture and technology, the mythical ancestors of Corfiots, according to the Homeric epics, used ships without rudder and governors, guided only by sail, paddle and ... their minds! «Ships, that are not like the others, have thought and mind, know the moods of the people, as well as all the cities» refers to the «Odyssey» the king, Alkinoοs. And this reference, made many scholars to argue that Phaeacians had an advanced naval technology (something like a «hard disk» geographical data). «Quick as the wing and thought», almost... flying above the sea, having no fear of damaged or annihilated. These ships had black colour and a crew of 52 sailors.