The logo depicts Ergotelis of Knossos (alt. Ergoteles of Himera). He won twice the Olympic dolichos (running race) of 472 BC (77th Olympics) and 464 BC (79th Olympics). Ergotelis was the son of Filanor and Evmolpia. Although we won all the running races in Crete, the local governor didn’t choose him to represent his town in the Olympic Games due to political reasons. Ergotelis’ liberal and radical ideology pushed him to a civil disorder against the local authority. That failed attempt compelled him to leave Crete and went to the Greek Colony of Himera in Sicily. As a citizen of Himera Ergotelis won at the Olympics as well as winning twice in the other great Games in the Ancient Greece, Pythian, Isthmian and Nemean. Pindar honoured Ergotelis by writing about him a great part of “12th Olympionikus”. Ergotelis’ beliefs, personality and of course his origin, were the causes that the Founders gave his name to the Club in 1929.