A.E.K. F.C.


The emblem of the two-headed eagle was first used as an emblem of Komninos family. More specifically, it was used by Isaac Komninos from 1057 to 1059. The legend refers to the mythical creature “Haga”, whose origin was from Paflagonia of Minor Asia, the homeland of the Komninos family. As an emblem of the Byzantium empire was intimating the power of the emperor. The two-headed eagle was symbolising his double authority (administrative and religious). But the prevailing theory is that the two-headed eagle symbolises the domination of the Byzantium Empire from the east to the west. In 1924 when the founders of AEK FC had to choose the emblem of the team, naturally they used the emblem of the Byzantium empire, in order to keep alive the memory of the Byzantium and Minor Asia culture.